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What are the installation steps of explosion-proof rotary evaporator


Rotate the rack on the working table close to the water source, and pad four hard rubber feet in case of unevenness.

  Move the center of the machine head to the height of 48CM away from the chassis and tilt it to the right about 25 degrees. Lock the locking nuts on the frame.

  Fix the electric control box according to the drawing and plug in the five core plug of the motor.

  Insert the condenser into the interface of the machine head, adjust the movable joints to make the condenser vertical, and keep it with the fixing clamp. Condenser pipe joints backward.

  Insert the feed tube into the condenser tube.

  Connect the collecting bottle with the condenser pipe and clamp it with the bottle mouth clamp.

  Put the rotary bottle on the right end of the rotating shaft and clamp it with the bottle mouth clamp.

  Connect the vacuum pipe connector with the vacuum pipe at the suction pipe, and connect the other connector with the vacuum pump or laboratory vacuum switch.

  (1) The joint (2) is connected with the cooling water (3) and the joint (4) is connected with the feeding pipe.

  matters needing attention

  During the installation of the equipment, a layer of vacuum grease should be applied to each grinding mouth, sealing surface, sealing ring and joint before installation.

  Water shall be added before the heating tank is electrified, and dry burning without water is not allowed.

  Re-201d screw (19) into the safety hole to avoid damaging the flask.

  If the vacuum can not be pumped up, check:

  ① Are the joints and interfaces sealed

  ② Are sealing rings and sealing surfaces effective

  ③ Whether the vacuum grease between the main shaft and the sealing ring is well coated

  ④ Whether there is air leakage in vacuum pump and its leather tube

  ⑤ Whether the glass is cracked, broken or damaged.